Practical info

Find your way 

If you arrive with train to Horsens bus no 9 and 10 will take you directly from Horsens Trafikterminal (next to the train station and the city centre) to CASA Arena on Langmarksvej.   

Driving directions to CASA Arena

Take the exit towards Horsens N if you take the motorway.

Handicap parking is on the corner on Langmarksvej and Sports Allé close to CASA Arena. Please click here for more info about parking.    

If you arrive by bus we would like to hear from you. Contact Iben Høgh Grøftehauge on e-mail: Busparking is on Flintebakken, 8700 Horsens.   

Credit card
You can pay with cash, credit card or Mobile pay in the bars around the stadium.   

Ticket terms and conditions
Read more under Ticket Sales

Stadium regulations
The audience on CASA Arena Horsens are all very welcome. Therefore everyone must pay attention to each other. This applies to the audience, officials, inspectors, service personnel including others.   

Provocative and threatening behaviour, fights or other behaviour that bothers audience or organisers will lead to expulsion. If the audience feel bothered or threatened, they are encouraged to contact the inspectors.   

At the request of the guards the audience must allow being frisked and audience must show content of bags etc. If a spectator possesses non-permissible items  the spectator can be denied access or be removed.   

CASA Arena is under video surveillance. Violation of the regulations of rules can therefore be documented and passed on to the police.   

Only people with a valid ticket for the event have access to the stadium. The ticket is valid only for the printed seating.   

It is NOT permitted:
To bring objects such as bottles, thermos, umbrellas, cans or anything else that can be used as weapons or for throwing or weapons 

To bring food and drinks which is not purchased in CASA Arena Horsens 

To throw with objects or fluids 

To bring or burn of fireworks and flares. All pyrotechnic objects are cf. the regulations of rules forbidden. People who carry this will be handed over to the police

To climb the safety barrier or step on the football field

To relieve oneself anywhere else than the toilets 

To set up posters or labels, handing out flyers or brochures and sell anything without prior written agreement with the organisers 

To stay on stairs and hallways and other escape routes   

Instructions from the guards must always be met


Horsens Kommunes byvåben
Danish FIM Speedway Grand Prix
CASA Arena
Langmarksvej 59
8700 Horsens

Tel.: +44 7714 139869